Why MusicMe?


Discover new and trending music to share with the community.


With support from Spotify, find any song you've been listening to.


Explore a world of untapped music venues now at your fingertips.


Don't settle for snippets of songs. With full integration from Spotify, listen to entire songs from your favorite artists and elevate your music sharing experience.


Discover, post, talk about, rate, and most importantly, listen to your favorite music. Discover what friends are listening and find your new favorite song.

MusicMe lets users share their favorite music and ratings with friends and concert communities.

Share each post with your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr friends.

We here at MusicMe want you to have the greatest music sharing experience!

With the integration of Spotify, you will be able to listen to music to full length songs on friends post.

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stars by our mom's.

If you love music, this app is for you.
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